A Moonlit Night


a tranquil chilly moonlit night


The curtain of night had already enveloped the woods in darkness.


It was dead silence.

There was no sign of a single soul nearby.

There were no birds, let alone other people, only the moon peeking through the branches.


Through the leaves, there was a moon shrouded in a thin layer of mist.

The bright moon hung high in the sky, sprinkling its silver glow over the mysterious woods.

Milky moonlight cascaded down to the tranquil woods, covering everything in sight with a misty veil and bathing everything in its soft embrace.


A light breeze, slightly chilly, ruffled the surface of the serene water, clicked through tree branches and stirred up the bushes.

The wind whistled past my ear, awakening every cell in my body and made my blood boil.


Dashing through the woods under the vast starry sky, I felt tranquility sweeping through my body.

tranquil - tranquility
serene - serenity